This Master Agreement contains our Terms and Conditions. They were last revised in January 2011. When you visit the BusinessPro paid for site you must accept these conditions, so please read them carefully.

The Master Agreement will be updated from time to time and each time it has been amended, you will have to log on and accept the most recently updated Master Agreement. The date of the last updated shall be indicated on the Master Agreement page of the website and acceptance is mandatory.

BusinessPro Group ("BPG"), which includes: James Treacy Ltd trading as STUBBSGAZETTE & BusinessPro; BPCB Ltd also trading as UnionCheck and IFB Ltd" and the customer ("Customer") agree that BPG shall make available to Customer, business information services ("Services"), which may include information ("Information"); computer programs or applications (including those accessed remotely), documentation and media (collectively, "Software"); and other services, which may include recovery of outstanding receivables, subject to this Master Agreement ("Agreement"). The Services subject to this Agreement are identified in Orders entered into from time to time by BPG and Customer. No obligation to furnish or to pay for a particular Service arises under this Agreement until BPG accepts an order placed by Customer. All accepted orders (the "Orders") for Services are subject to this Agreement, and the terms of such Orders are incorporated by reference in this Agreement and particular Services may be subject to specific terms and conditions set out in an addendum ("Addendum") to this Agreement. The Services will also be made available to ROI companies that are either a parent of the Customer or a subsidiary of the Customer or a division or affiliate of the Customer which is either wholly owned by Customer or in which the Customer has a controlling interest and that are identified on a "Customer-Related Companies" schedule and executed by both parties. This Agreement shall become effective as of the date the customer logged on and accepted this Agreement (the "Effective Date").

Terms and Conditions